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67 Resolutions To Make 2022 Your Best Year

Setting resolutions can help you get off to a good start in 2022. A new year can be the beginning of you making changes and living the way you’ve always wanted. When it’s New Year’s Eve and the clock strikes midnight, it can be the turning point to achieving all the goals and desires you have. Here are a few ideas of you can consider striving to make a part of your routine. Be intentional this new year to create the future you want.

67 Resolutions To Make 2022 Your Best Year

1. Stick to a budget
Sticking to a budget can help you save more for the lifestyle that you desire. It can also give you more confidence in your ability to manage your finances. Ramsey Solutions provides some great tips on how to stick to your budget.
2. Eat food that makes you well
Food can help you have more energy and make you happier. Foods can also slow you down and put you in a bad mood. Learn the foods that are best for you to eat to feel your best. Talk with your doctor to know the best things you can eat for your wellness.
3. Follow a consistent sleep schedule
There are many benefits to following a consistent sleep schedule. According to, these are some of the top ones:
– Reduced stress
– Improved mood
– Clearer thinking
Learn some good tips from the sleep foundation on how to train yourself to go to sleep earlier. You can also check out this article that provides eight genius tips for waking up early.
4. Read more books
Books can give you knowledge on many things. Take time to read more of them this year.
5. Be more present
You can’t change what happened in the past. You also can’t completely control what happens in the future. What you can do is focus more on the present. Choose to do things now that help prepare you for moments in the future. Making to do lists, for example, can help you have a more productive day. Another form of being in the present is expressing gratitude. Practice regularly thinking of all the things you can be thankful for in life. Gratitude has been proven to help make us happier. Focus on the good things going on for you right now. Lastly, consider looking into meditation and mindfulness. These are good ways to relax and be more present. This year can be the moment you finally let go of the past, stop worrying about the future, and be more present.
6. Spend time alone
Alone time gives you a moment to practice self-reflection. Putting yourself in a quiet space to think might lead you to some deeper answers. You may discover what you truly want in life. Spending time alone can also be your opportunity to take care of yourself. There are many
self-care techniques you can start adopting to your routine for better wellness.
7. Start a workout routine
Exercise, as mentioned earlier, is usually on a lot of people’s list of goals for the new year. There are many benefits to starting a workout routine.
8. Learn something new related to your passion
Lots of people say learning new things can be a good resolution to set. Perhaps an even better one is learning new things related to your passion. The more new things you learn related to it, the more information that can help you succeed at achieving your passions.
9. Write down your goals
Those who write down their goals are 1.4 times more likely to succeed at them than those who don’t. It’s as simple as that. Make your hopes be more likely to come true by writing out what they are. Once you have the goals set out, put together a plan. Create some incremental steps that you’ll take to help you achieve your task. Research also shows breaking bigger goals into small steps helps you be more likely to succeed.
10. Push through adversity
Overcoming adversity is a part of getting the things you want. At some point, everyone usually faces some kind of setback. You have to be ready to persevere through the hard times. One way to move forward through difficulties is to practice good coping skills. This can help alleviate the severity of the emotions you’re feelings. Among many coping skills you can try include:
– Exercise
– Meditation
– Laughter
Along with alleviating your emotions, have a support system. Having supportive people to encourage you can help you feel strong enough to face whatever life dishes at you.
11. Don’t settle for less
Maybe for some time you’ve allowed yourselves to accept what little you can get in life. Now can be the time you demand more for yourself. Choose to never settle for less when it comes to your relationships, your finances, and your happiness. Set high expectations for yourself.
12. Embrace the journey
Life really is a journey. We’re in a constant cycle of ups and downs. We learn from downs and hope we make decisions that create more ups. When you choose to embrace the idea of life being an adventure, it can help all it seem less scary.
13. Let go of people no longer in your life
The new year is a good time to move on from the relationships that were lost. People come and go in our story and that’s okay.
If you’ve struggled to get over a lost love or friend, make it your resolution to let go. Letting go of someone can open the door for new people to come in your life and make you even happier.
14. Follow successful habits
There are many habits that successful people do that you can start doing in the new year. A few of the ones you can consider adopting in your routine include:
– Starting your day early
– Prioritizing exercise
– Being more giving
Learn more successful habits you can start in the new year. It’s possible one of them might make a huge difference for you.
15. Be consistent
It’s often consistency that leads one to be successful at accomplishing their goals. When a person a works out regularly, they usually become more fit. When a student studies often, they usually do well in school. Being consistent in the choices you make everyday can eventually lead to some kind of success. Learn more about why consistency can be the key to your success in this coming year.
16. Think bigger
When we think big, we open the door to the possibility of achieving big. Even if you don’t achieve exactly what you want, there’s a good chance you’ll have achieved something significant. You’ll have learned about how strong you are and how capable you are. We can gain a
greater sense of who we are and perhaps realize more what will make us happy.
17. Be intentional
Being intentional means setting an alarm in the morning so you’ll get up early. Being intentional can also mean setting your clothes to put on the next day. Living intentionally is simply being deliberate in how we go about our life. That means planning and preparing for things ahead of time. It means deciding to do something that’s best for you, rather than something that you feel like doing in the moment.
18. Strive for personal growth
Personal growth is about striving to be the best version of yourself. A smarter, stronger, kinder, better version overall. Take time to really be honest about your weaknesses. Think of what others you respect and trust have told you. Then work on finding ways to improve on those weaknesses.
19. Learn the lessons from your failures
Make this the year that failure is no longer something you let get you down so much. Instead, it’s something that fuels you to even greater heights in who you are. Failure can be one of your greatest teachers. When thinking of your failures, think of things you can do better next time if you face that situation again. Hopefully it’ll make life a little more easier for you.
20. Be less afraid of making mistakes
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons we don’t try things sometimes is because we’re afraid of making a mistake. We fear something is going to go wrong. But what if something goes right? And if it does go wrong, is it the end of the world? Strive to not fear messing things up. And even if you do mess something up, maybe there’s a way you can make your mess your message.
21. Be mindful of your thoughts
Our thoughts guide our decisions more than we realize sometimes. Our actions are usually impacted by what we focus on most If you focus on how sad you are most of the time, then you»ll probably not be motivated to do much. If you focus on things that make you happy, you might be more encouraged to take more action. Try your best to be deliberate in how you think. Minimize negativity and maximize positive and rational thinking.
22. Plan your days
Schedules add structure to your day. If I don’t put down things I’m going to do in my day, I usually don’t end up getting most of what I wanted done. I’ve found it helpful to write things in my phone since it’s something I look at a lot in my day. Put down your to-do list somewhere you know you’ll look often. When you have a plan set for your days, you’ll be surprised how much more you might get done.
23. Manage your time better
Managing your time better means not only setting a schedule, but sticking to it. Being diligent about doing things when you’ll do them.
When it’s time to go exercise, go exercise. When it’s time to study, start studying. Getting in the habit of doing things on schedule will save you time to do more of the things you enjoy. You also help yourself avoid the effects of procrastination.
24. Stop buying things you don’t need
Choose to spend your finances on things that really matter to you. The things you buy should be related to what you’re passionate about. We’re often persuaded by clever advertisements to buy the latest new phones and other gadgets. But stop to ask yourself if it’s what you really want. Reflect and reconnect with what you value in life. Once you’ve come to a clear understanding of your values, purchase accordingly.
25. Don’t let little things bother you as much
There are many things in life to get mad about. If we waste our time getting mad about everything, we won’t have much time to just be happy. Practice being patient in moments where you could get upset. Do your best not to dwell on things that bother you for more than a few minutes.
26. Declutter your space
There may be things you’re holding on to that it’s time to let go. The clutter you have stored up takes up space for other things you could enjoy more. Your clutter could also bring new joy to someone else. Take time to go through all the things you don’t really use more. Decide to make room for new things that can bring you joy in life.
27. Take a risk
Taking a good risk can sometimes lead to some great results in life. It’s important to take chances every now and then to challenge yourself. MasterClass offers five ideas for taking better risks if you haven’t always taken the best ones.
28. Have more fun
As we get older, life gets more and more serious. But it’s good to stop and take time to have some fun. Decide you won’t let life be serious all of the time. Choose to make time every week for something fun you can do. It can potentially help take the edge off of the bad things we
experience sometimes. Resolutions are a good way to set yourself on the path to a great new year. Be
bold and set ones that would make you really happy to achieve.
29. Connect with new people
Making new connections could open up opportunities for you. They could lead to new work opportunities or new relationships. Some of the tips Entrepreneur recommends include:
– Discovering someone’s interests
– Knowing about a lot of things
– Giving sincere compliments
30. Create more balance in life
It’s important to have balance in your life. It’s not good to work all the time. You should balance your work with pleasure in life. Recognize that you can’t do everything all the time. Learn to say no to things when you need to do something for your well-being. Accept that it’s okay not to be able to do all the work you want everyday.
31. Take things less seriously
Often we have a tendency to take life too seriously. There are times when life can be very serious. But other times it’s important to just relax and enjoy yourself. Psychcentral has some great tips on how to stop taking yourself so seriously. Some of the ideas they recommend include letting go of grudges, having gratitude, and living in the present.
32. Invest more in yourself
We can invest a lot of time and finances in others, which is good. But it’s also important to invest our time and finances into ourselves too.
Take some new classes to develop your knowledge and skills. Look into services that can help your physical and mental well-being. Learn more about what it means to invest in yourself.
33. Add a new source of income
Having multiple sources of income can offer you more financial security. Check out these passive income ideas that might help you increase income.
34. Pay off your debt
Paying off your debt can also help you have more freedom to do what you want in life. Learn how to get out of debt and gain more confidence in your finances.
35. Cook at home more
Eating out can be costly over time. Make it an objective to try to cook at home more. You might enjoy learning how to make new things.
36. Work at a job you like
Some of you may be currently working at a job you don’t like. You can work to get yourself at a job that you know you’ll like this coming year.
37. Get organized
Being organized is a good way to help yourself be more successful. Practice having a planner to keep track of what you need to get done.
38. Give up a bad habit
There are many bad habits people want to give up when they start fresh. Maybe you’ve been wanting to break the same bad habit for many years. Make this year the year you finally do it.
39. Be a better person
Be a better person with those in your life that you care about. You can look for ways to be kinder to your friends, family, partner, and everyone you interact with.
40. Be on your phone less
While phones can be helpful, they can also be really distracting as well. Learn to spend less time on your phone and more time with people in person.
41. Learn a new language
Learning new languages can open you up to traveling to new places and talking to new people. Find a language that interests you and start learning it. See how much you know by the end of the next year.
42. Travel outside the country
There’s a lot you can learn traveling to a place outside of your home country. It can give you new experiences and expand your horizons.
43. Start a new hobby
Your newest hobby could be one of the great passions of your life. It could even be the beginning of a second career. At the very least, starting a new hobby can give you another way to have fun in life.
44. Do something you’ve never done before
You can make your life more of an exciting adventure by doing things you’ve never done before. You never know if it might be a great memory for you.
45. Be a positive force in the world
In these last few years, we’ve seen a lot of people be a negative force in our world. Perhaps this coming year, we can all do our part to be a positive force in the world. In how you speak and act, do what you can to remind people that there’s still good, kind people among us.
46. Set a cleaning schedule
A part of maintaining a clutter free space is regularly cleaning it. Letting things pile up can quickly make cleaning overwhelming.
Have a time you’ll sweep up your place, do your laundry, and clean your bathroom. Some people feel comfortable doing all these tasks in one day. Other people may choose to do these tasks on separate days. Put together a schedule that
works best for you.
47. Drink less (or stop drinking entirely)
This new habit is a common one people want to start in the new year. Some people feel the need to do because their drinking as gotten out of control. Others see a need for it to be more focused and less distracted in life. No matter what you’re reasoning is, it’s a good habit to get started. Harvard Health has a great article on how to curb your drinking.
48. Use a weekly planner
It’s much easier to stay organized with a weekly planner. You can have your tasks for the week arranged at the best times for you to be able to do them.
49. Quit smoking
Giving up smoking is one of the most common changes people want to make in a new year. It might be one you’ve made many times in the past. But perhaps this year can be the year you get it done. Here are a few articles on the subject you might find helpful:
50. Join a group
Getting together with people who share an interest of yours can be fun. Think of something you’re passionate about in life. See if there’s a group dedicated to that where you can enjoy talking with like-minded people.
51. Get regular checkups
According to Healthline, it’s generally recommended for people to get checkups once a year. If you have the financial means to do so, get a physical exam to make sure you’re in good shape. If you don’t have the best of financial situations, you can look into free or low cost medical clinics.
52. Do more memory games and math problems
Memory games and math problems are a great way to keep your mind sharp. Maintaining a good mental fitness will help you be more effective in forming your habits.
53. Walk up more stairs
Getting some extra cardio in your life can be a good thing. If you have the option to take stairs instead of the elevator, do it. Verywellhealth notes it’s a good way to combat a sedentary lifestyle.
54. Buy a plant
Plants can benefit us in many surprising ways. Among the benefits of getting a plant in your home include:
– Boosted mood
– Cleaner indoor air space
– Reduced stress
Look into some different plants to see which one you like the most. You can get some plants that are easy to take care of so it’s not an added burden in your life.
55. Take more vacations
Vacations can energize us and give us a greater sense of joy that can be long lasting. You’ll always have the positive memories to look back on. Think of somewhere you’d enjoy going and plan to visit that place sometime in the year.
56. Do more volunteering
There are many organizations out there that need some people to help out. Find one that you feel connected to and offer your time and energy. It’ll not only make the people who are helped feel good, it’ll make you feel good too. Volunteering has been found to increase our life satisfaction.
57. Do weightlifting
Weightlifting is for more than just building up your muscles. It’s also been found to improve your posture and improve your ability to sleep. Feel free to learn more about how weight lifting is good for your well-being.
58. Research your family history
It can be a fun thing to get to know more about your background. Perhaps knowing your family history can give you a renewed sense of purpose in life. Beyond ancestry websites, there are plenty of other resources that can help, such as and
59. Wear comfortable shoes
Wearing shoes that are comfortable has been found to reduce foot pain. With reduced foot pain, you can be able to be more active.
60. Recycle
We all know recycling is helpful to the environment. It’s something good you can start doing to help make the world a better place.
61. Take care of your skin
Having smooth and clear skin might help to boost your self-esteem. This habit can be difficult for some people more than others. Learn how to take care of your skin and feel more comfortable in it.
62. Encourage yourself more
It’s time to start being your biggest supporter. You don’t have to rely on other people to make you feel empowered. You can cheer yourself on in everything you do in life. Take more time to compliment how well you’re doing at life. Be the person that pats yourself on the back for the way you carry yourself.
63. Be more informed
There’s a lot of voices in our world today telling us what is and isn’t true. Make it a habit to do more of your own research before trusting everything you hear and read. Look at multiple sources and find confirmation from trusted sources.
64. Save on energy
Saving on energy not only helps the environment, but it might also lower your financial cost. Look into the best ways you can save on energy.
65. Put your well-being first
We often put a lot of things above taking care of our own well-being. We put things like our work or our family first. But it’s important to make sure your well-being is a high priority in your life. Doing so will allow you to take care of your work and your family better.
66. Spend less time on your phone
Our phones can be a great tool for us. They can also be one of your biggest distractions as well. Decide you’re going to spend less time on your phone and more time interacting with the world around you. Here are some tips on how to break your cell phone addiction.
67. Connect with some bigger than yourself
Pew Research found that religious people tend to be happier. Consider looking into something bigger than yourself that you can connect with to find more contentment in life.

I hope one of these resolutions can work for you in 2022. Make sure you plan ahead so you can be ready on day one. I hope this coming year will be one of the best that you’ve ever had.


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67 Resolutions To Make 2022 Your Best Year

Setting resolutions can help you get off to a good start in 2022. A new year can be the beginning of you making changes and living the way you've always wanted. When it's New Year's Eve and the clock strikes midnight, it can be the turning point to achieving all the goals and desires you have.

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